Her name is Zoonie Nguyen and on Valentine’s Day in 2006, she created an inspirational training company called Talentelle, dedicated to helping women succeed in their talent and passion-based career or business. Hundreds of women, both professionals and entrepreneurs in various organizations and associations have been inspired by her seminars and workshops, and by the riveting story of how she survived the Vietnam War, started over from scratch in Canada, and reinvented herself from electrical engineer to “social engineer” building bridges between women for fruitful collaboration and mutual empowerment.

Her unstoppable faith and conviction in women’s potential and talent have driven and motivated her to expand the local training firm into an inspirational organization representing hope and self-empowerment for all women.

In her various conferences, seminars and workshops, Zoonie shares her tips, insights and secrets on how women can leverage their core passion, natural talent, self-knowledge and personal values in order to design and progressively achieve a fulfilling and successful career or business. During eight arduous years building her start-up, Zoonie has never stopped believing in women. She built Talentelle while juggling her other roles as wife and mother of two young children.

Zoonie is currently sharing her time between teaching entrepreneurship at Compagnie F and building Talentelle TV, a Web-based platform to promote the talent and passion of women entrepreneurs and freelancers in Montreal while enabling them to make a difference in the lives of others.

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