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Thank God it’s Monday!

  • This foundational keynote is all about a change of attitude, from TGIF to Thank God It’s Monday!
  • Work is amazing, and can be a joyful discovery every day, five days a week, when you approach everything and everyone with an open heart and 5 senses that are alert and alive!
  • It all starts with you, with the attitude you bring to work!
  • There are no dead-end jobs, only dead-end attitudes
  • Formula for success: (Attribute + Aptitudes) X Attitude

Chaos to Zen: I followed my heart, so can you!

  •  This biographical keynotes tells the story of a war survivor, and how she overcame the struggles and challenges that come from the war experience and starting over in a new country
  • Women will resonate with Zoonie’s journey from chaos to zen, for they will recognize their own journey of trials and tribulations although the particular details will be different for each woman
  • Yet, it is all about daring to face life and living an authentic life from the heart, embracing everything with understanding, compassion and self-love
  • No decision, big or small, can be wrong when made from the heart. Zen, or peace, can only be found in the heart.

Life is a dish: Create it, cook it, taste it!

  • Most women naturally connect with food and with cooking
  • This powerful keynote shares Zoonie’s sensual perspective on life, and how she uses her passion for food and talent for cooking to build a loving family life and social life that are key to who she is, as a person who loves to connect with people around a table filled with exquisite food
  • Cooking is a powerful and practical metaphor for the artful creation of one’s life experience, for every woman is a creative being who can create her own unique life experience… and taste it slowly one moment at a time

Passion, passion, passion – that’s all you need

  • There is much talk today about “talent,” and in more and more organizations, there is even the replacement of the expression “human resource” with “talent”
  • Yet, few organizations talk about passion
  • Talent cannot be born without passion, for passion CREATES talent
  • This keynote drives home the important idea that one’s passion must be given expression if talent is to be born and developed in a way that serves both the career woman and her employer
  • Key messages:
    • Passion is the cause, talent is the effect
    • Passion is the seed, talent is the tree bearing fruits
    • Start with passion and you will end up with talent

Speak up and be bold!

  • Through cultural conditioning and the inevitable (however subtle) influence of living in patriarchical society, women tend to believe that they should not voice their true concerns and aspirations
  • The time has come for women to express themselves more directly while still being courteous
  • It is even more important to be direct and clear at the workplace, where good employers do encourage professionals to speak their mind unreservedly in order to solve problems quickly
  • The very success of the organization depends on such honesty and courage
  • GE is a prime example of the power of speaking up and saying things as they are

Be Yourself and Sell Yourself

  • Before you can sell yourself (and we all have to sell ourselves in today’s economy where it is strategic to think of oneself as a free agent), you must first KNOW who you are
  • Who you TRULY are
  • What you TRULY stand for
  • Once you discover your true self, you will have laid a powerful foundation for your career
  • A foundation that can neither be shaken nor disturbed by any turbulence in the economy or the job market
  • In this interactive keynote, women learn to reinvent themselves, respect themselves and affirm themselves
  • Self-esteem, which is key to effective selling, depends on being one’s true self: calm, fearless, confident


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Zoonie with Olympics Gold medalist, Bruni Surin


Zoonie with lawyer&politician Melanie Joly

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Zoonie et Sun Life Isabelle Hudon


Zoonie with TV & Radio personality, Veronique Cloutier